Asuka Oikawa

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Asuka Oikawa

We proudly support our KAT artist, Asuka Oikawa. She is a Tokyo-based percussionist, music therapist, and educator.

1. Which KAT instrument do you play? How many octaves?

I have been playing the malletKATpro KS(3 oct.) since 2012.

2. What do you like about it?

I like that malletKAT allows me to play various tones with percussive motion. It is very eaasy to connect to guitar effectors, and with them, I can play even wider range of expression. In Tokyo, I move by trains a lot. MalletKAT is so easy to transport and I like it. I don't have to assemble like normal marimba or vibraphone. It is also nice.

3. Do you have gigs coming?

*LOMA (I use malletKAT in this band.)


malletKAT is easy to carry and ready-to-play. malletKAT is a gigmaker for you.